Beginning January 1st 2024 my hourly rate has increased from $125/hr to $175/hr

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700 S. Illinois Ave. Suite A103

Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

This is in Pine Ridge office park, turn right into the parking lot and continue down until you see building 700 on the end.

Hours / Scheduling

I am typically in the shop Wednesdays through Saturdays but this varies due to my appointment schedule. I do not take walk ins at this time as I typically schedule in advance.

I typically schedule a few months in advance due to demand.

I typically respond to messages every 2-3 of days due to the amount of messages I receive. During busier times (usually around spring and summer) it may be a little bit longer.

Terms and Scheduling

To request an appointment

Email clarity

• A complete and concise request email is important in order to book your appointment in a timely manner. Not all requests are accepted, especially those that do not include the the requested content in the email. I like to make the scheduling process take as little back and forth as I can, as I stay quite busy and it may be 2-5 days before I can get back to you for each email. This means that if we have to communicate back and forth a lot, it may take a lot of time to book the appointment and someone else may have already booked the date that you are interested in by the time that we are finished communicating.

• Review the pricing terms, including the non-refundable $150 deposit.

Design Process

• The best way to ensure that I take on an inquiry is to give me a good idea of what you are looking for and let me run with the design. This is where trusting your artist comes in. Occasionally some customers are overly particular about how they want the tattoo to come out (i.e. micromanage the design process), and this is not my preferred design process. Not all requests are accepted, and I choose to focus on tattoos that inspire me and keep pushing me forward as an artist.

Booking availability

• Due to staying quite busy, my books are not always open. I keep my Instagram @tatts_by_kat updated on when my books are open or closed.

Notes Before Coming To Your Appointment:

Food and drink

• Please eat before your tattoo: the longer the session, the more important this is. A healthy, well balanced meal is ideal as tattooing can effect blood sugar levels.

• If you have a long session, you may bring some snacks that you can eat in the lobby, outside, or in your car. Eating in the tattoo room is not allowed.

• Bring a drink with you. Some people prefer sugary drinks in case of blood sugar levels dropping. Generally, water is the best since this is the best hydrator.

Skin Conditions

• DO NOT come to the appointment sunburned. If the area that you are wanting tattooed is sunburnt, we will either have to move the tattoo to another location or we will have to reschedule. When a tattoo is done on sunburnt skin, the tattoo will not heal properly and it will lose a lot of ink resulting in a need to touch up the entire tattoo. Tattooing sunburnt skin also increases the pain of the tattoo, so if you go out in the sun prior to a tattoo (this is not ideal, but it happens) PLEASE wear sunscreen.

• If you have skin conditions in the areas where you would like to be tattooed, please inform me of this prior to the tattoo (eczema, acne, scars, etc.)

• DO NOT drink alcohol prior to the tattoo or drink in excess the night before. Alcohol decreases your blood clotting ability which will make you bleed more during your appointment. If you bleed a lot during the session, this will dilute the ink and the tattoo will not be able to look as vibrant/ saturated.


• Bring something to keep yourself entertained during the session: (a book, your phone, Rubix cube, knitting stuff, etc. ). I do my best work when I am concentrated and this usually means that I do not talk much during appointments. Please do not be offended by this, this is just how I know I can make the best tattoo for you.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking time to read this! I know that this is a lot of information to take in, but this is what I have learned works best for me over the years. Since my business is a one woman operation, I like to make things as clear to clients as I can to save everyone a little time!


This links to my email with a template to include the following content: tattsbykat@gmail.com

• A short description of the tattoo that you would like. Keeping this brief is important, as too many extra details makes it hard to find the key elements. For example, the backstory of the tattoo might be important but unless it is part of the tattoo it can make the description more ambiguous.

• A few reference images. I just use these as a starting point, to see the key elements that you like. I like to add my own flair to my tattoos and I will not copy another artist's work. If you would like an exact replica of a tattoo or drawing, I am not the artist for you.

• The size that you want the tattoo to be.

• Where you want to get the tattoo.